International Council on Large Electric Systems
 About CIGRE

The International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) Paris provides an international forum to engineers working in various fields of Electricity Generation & High Voltage Transmission System. Objective of the Council is to develop technical knowledge and exchange of information among all countries in aforesaid areas regarding generation and transmission of high voltage electricity.

CIGRE’s scope also covers equipment development for transmission and interconnected systems, problems related to protection of systems, tele-control, telecommunication equipment, etc.

It carries out its various activities through 16 Study Committees (SCs) consisting of about 20-24 experts from different countries. These Study Committees act as co-ordination and reflection bodies leading to technical progress in their own field. It is a matter of pride that India is represented in 15 out of 16 SCs of CIGRE.

CIGRE has a membership of about 8000 professionals from 87 countries and it organises its biennial Session every even year at Paris. Themes of the Session deal with the overall technical scope of the association and to meet the growing demand. More specialised topics are handled in symposia every alternate year. Moreover, CIGRE publishes for its members, a technical journal - ELECTRA, and a large number of publications.

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